Ginko International Co., Ltd. (hereafter refers to as “the company”) was set up on June 11,2007 in the Cayman islands, and issued 50,000 common shares at face value of US 1 dollar on January 3, 2008 to share swap the total common shares of Prosper Link International Limited held by Clear Idea the L.L.C. registered at Delaware, USA, thus holding Prosper Link International Limited and its direct and indirect holding companies, including Haichang International Limited, Haichang Contact Lenses Co Ltd and JiangSu Horien Contact Lens Limited Co Ltd and Haichang Biotechnology Co Ltd. (the dissolution procedure of this biotech company started on October 17,2007 and completed on January 22,2008). In order to apply for Primary Listing on TWSE. The company reissued 80,000,000 new common shares at face value of NTD 10.

The company’s main products include conventional contact lenses, disposable contact lenses and lens care products, and mainland China is its main market for sales. Its subsidiary, Haichang Contact Lens Co Ltd ( Hydron) is one of the main global branded contact lens manufacturers which sells its eye care products by its brand “Hydron” in mainland China and has gained trust from consumers by providing its high quality and competitive-priced products.

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